This review is long overdue! Almost two years ago - I suffered a running injury that caused me to be in pain for over a year. Luckily I was fortunate enough to find Dr. Kearney at the Core Institute. He started treatment and then recommended that I see Charlie. He told me that as a runner "I wouldn't send you to anyone else!" I discovered first hand why this recommendation was made. Charlie takes the time to provide a holistic approach to therapy. He understands that healing needs to addressed both physically and mentally especially when the pain has been so lengthy. He is a master channeling frustration and most importantly knew when to give firm guidance when I wanted to over extend my therapy. I have never had such a complete assessment of joint mobility, muscle strength, and balance as I have had with Charlie. Most crucial to all of this was that I completely recovered and became pain free. I then needed assistance on how to reintroduce endurance and speed training back into my life safely. I turned to Charlie this time for coaching and found the same attention to detail and holistic approach. Charlie truly understands every facet of the people he coaches. He takes a mind, body, and spirit approach to the sport that you are enthralled with. What is so amazing is that he transitions his coaching skills between very elite athletes all the way to the weekend warrior with the same intensity and emphasis on success. Charlie looks at every part of the athlete - he addresses physical therapy needs, nutrition, rest / recovery. He incorporates all of this into the training plan that he creates for you. Key to success is that he unlocks what stresses his athletes. I was often amazed that he knew when I was not feeling confident before a race and addressed it head on. I not only recovered but was able to get back to running times that I thought were long gone. Charlie has kept me injury free, I am stronger than I have ever been, and I owe this to his expertise and guidance. Charlie is a the complete package when it comes to Physical Therapy, Coaching, and Wellness.

Sharon K.

When I met Charlie at a free injury clinic. I was expecting a little free advice, but ended up with a racing season full of PR's! Charlie was able to identify the root cause of my nagging issues and prescribe very user-friendly ways to treat and improve the situation. I loved that Charlie is an endurance athlete treating an endurance athlete. He completely gets what drives us crazy runners, but has the experience and wisdom to help us keep the big picture in mind (running injury-free). Because of this it was an easy decision to hire Charlie to coach me through my first full marathon. Working with Charlie as a coach made my running so much better. The workouts were tailored to my current ability and goals, and he was able to design workouts around my schedule, my running style, other priorities and last minute changes that still kept me on track. By gradually helping me push my limits I was able to not only complete my full marathon, but I PR'd a couple of races along the way - one of which was a never-imagined sub-2 hour half marathon time! I really appreciated how accessible Charlie was as my coach - always quickly available and willing to answer my MANY questions, and with just the right level of accountability that I needed to keep me moving forward.

Jen R.

“7 weeks before my first Ironman, I crashed my bike during a training ride. I sent Charlie a message the next day (Sunday) and went to see him the very next day (Monday). I continued to see Charlie every week and he messaged me almost daily to see how I was feeling. Going to an office where the physical therapist worked with me directly the whole time and having appointments that took as long as they needed and weren’t limited to just an hour made a huge difference. Charlie also answered any questions I had during my recovery process. It was fantastic working with another triathlete who understood the importance of training and worked to get me back to training. I finished Ironman Arizona! Charlie was even there on the run course providing smiles and high fives.” “I am forever grateful!”

Yael D. - Ironman AZ finisher, runner, personal trainer

“Getting a running analysis from Charlie was the best decision I made during my marathon training. I started having IT band pain during my long runs and I had no idea what I was doing wrong. I have had a history of IT band trouble in the past but no one ever figured out why or what i could do to fix it. As soon as I came to Charlie, he showed me different views of my running and walking. I think seeing visually how my legs and feet were hitting the ground made me realize how hip and ankle weakness was effecting my stride. Charlie gave me simple exercises that I could do at home on my own time. Not only did he give me good exercises but he continued to check on me after my assessment. Since the running analysis, i am more aware of how i am hitting the ground during my short and long runs. I have been pain free too!! :)”

Ashley M.

“Charlie made me feel right at home and more like I was a friend that he was concerned about rather than a patient. He was very thorough in his exam and asked enough questions to really understand my injury and needs . I got the best care and am confident that Charlie will make sure I can continue my training in a healthy way and reach my goals.”

Kris L.

“Charlie is an amazing Physical Therapist. I was training for my fourth Ragnar and reinjured myself. Charlie analyzed my running and helped me develop a new way to run. I think what impresses me most about Charlie is his positive attitude-I really appreciated the confidence that he had in me and my ability to rock the Ragnar. A lot of the struggle for me as a runner comes from the “mental game”, but never was there any doubt in his mind that I would complete my three legs in the relay and have a blast doing it. I recommend Charlie to all my friends at the gym who are struggling with their running or any physical aspect of their workouts. Running is such a pleasure for me and for him to help me “get it back”-no words can adequately express how grateful I am for that.”

Bobbie H.

“If you are looking for help with your injuries, especially running injuries, you want to see Charlie! Charlie will take the time to listen to you and your concerns. He will work with you to help keep you active (when possible) until you heal. As an athlete himself, Charlie understand the needs and issues of the competitive athlete to the weekend warrior. Charlie is kind, caring and knowledgeable. With his help I was able to avoid surgery for my sports hernia and continue my career as a competitive runner.”

Kristina P. - competitive runner, winner of multiple local races

“Cadence Physical Therapy and Wellness is the place you want to go for treatment of injuries and wellness coaching! Charlie treated a shoulder injury I had and did an amazing job of restoring strength and full use in a short period of time through hands on therapy. Charlie has also been my wellness coach for several years where I have lost 70lbs!”

LeeAnn H.

“I highly recommend Cadence Physical Therapy. I have been in to see Charlie and he is great at what he does. I had a nagging injury that just would not go away. I was starting to think I was going to be forced to run with the pain forever or worse give up running. I was not able to run more than a mile without serious pain. After the first session I notice a difference and was able to run 3 pain free miles. After a few sessions I was able to run 8 without pain. I have not had a problem with it since. AMAZING! I know others that have been to see Charlie and they have the same type of stories to tell.”

Adam L. - Ironman Cabo Finisher, endurance athlete Ironman Los Cabos
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